I created this blog to help further my own thinking on issues of global migration.  If I reach a new audience and provoke thought, then all the better. I am particularly interested in supporting activism by and for migrants, expanding safe and legal migration pathways, safeguarding vulnerable child migrants, and discussing the causes of mass migration.

A little about me: I most recently worked in applied social research at the University of Bedfordshire (UK) where I focused on contextual approaches to safeguarding young people from abuse and exploitation.  As part of this, I helped develop the Contextual Safeguarding Network.

I am also a New York State qualified attorney. Over the years, I have volunteered in Palestinian UNRWA refugee camps, researched for the Refugee Law Project in Uganda, interned in the immigration unit at the Legal Aid Society of Cleveland, and supported people in immigration detention in the UK as a volunteer for Detention Action.

I live in lovely London with my brilliant husband Dane, but we are moving to California in 2017.  The plan is to put all of my writings and thoughts into immigration law practice.

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